Chris Poulin

How long have you been riding? Got my first mtb in 1991

What was your first bike? A rigid Raleigh Technium

What is your favorite bike you currently own? Probably the Polygon

What is your favorite bike you no longer own? I Still own all my bikes

What is your favorite local trail or ride? Holston for the convenience, Dupont Ridgeline for fun

What is your favorite trail or ride (not necessarily local) that not a lot of people here know about? Ridgeline at Balm Boyette FL

What is your proudest bike moment or favorite bike memory? 1994ish riding downhill on a rigid bike at Mammoth Mountain California

What do you hope SAMBA accomplishes this year? In the next five years? I would like to see Samba have a more social media presence. (website, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) Which I believe would increase membership and work day turnout, strengthening the mtb community in our region.

Chris Poulin