Troy Geiger

How long have you been riding?I grew up riding bikes, but didn't really continue riding after my teens. However, over the last 6 years I have started riding more and enjoying more of the upstate!

What was your first bike? Growing up in the 80s, I think every kid owned the bike that looked like a dirt bike! I'm claiming it as my first bike!

What is your favorite bike you currently own? It would definitely be my Canyon Neuron!

What is your favorite bike you no longer own? I would have to say the bike that got me back into the sport, 2004 Specialized Enduro Pro.

What is your favorite local trail or ride? My favorite ride is the group rides at Southside.

What is your favorite trail or ride (not necessarily local) that not a lot of people here know about? Growing up in Virginia, I would ride my bike everywhere. The best area to ride was down by the James River.

What is your proudest bike moment or favorite bike memory? My proudest bike moment is every time I get another PR. I always look to improve my skills and my health.

What do you hope SAMBA accomplishes this year? Over the next year, I would like to see us engage more with other riders and groups in the area. I also would like to see us grow as a team by improving the trails and including new features and areas for others to ride!

In the next five years? Over the next five years, I would like to see our membership double in size and provide more trails and experiences for new riders to the Upstate!

Troy Geiger