Gaetan Hemond

How long have you been riding? 8 years

What was your first bike? Giant

What is your favorite bike you currently own? Specialized E-Bike

What is your favorite bike you no longer own? N/A

What is your favorite local trail or ride? Chapters

What is your favorite trail or ride (not necessarily local) that not a lot of people here know about? TC Trail

What is your proudest bike moment or favorite bike memory? SAMBA Weekend camping trip 2017 Fire Mountain

What do you hope SAMBA accomplishes this year? In the next five years? This year - more rider engagement. I would like to see more group rises with 2 ride leaders for each ride.
Next 5 - More riders coming to Spartanburg to ride our trails. Signage for all trails out at Croft State Park.

Gaetan Hemond