Holston Creek Gets a Clean Up

Holston Creek Gets a Clean Up

Trail Work | 2021-12-04| Written By: Kalib Geiger

A huge thank you to all of the great people that came out Saturday to give some TLC to our local trail. 22 Volunteers from SAMBA and SCCM showed up and donated a total of 88 hours of hard work to the trail. Stacks of worn car tires, old barrels, and even a broken microwave were removed from the trail-side. Most of the garbage collected was remnants from Holston’s time as an Orchard before it became a Spartanburg County park.

Our trails rely on volunteers like you to be sustainable. By coming out and helping you will meet some of the most genuinely good people putting donating their time for others to enjoy. And in doing this you also put your stake into the future of Spartanburg trails.


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