Gecko Trail day

Gecko Trail day

Trail Work | 2022-01-10| Written By: Jeff Taylor

SAMBA members Chris Poulin and Jeff Taylor partnered with Rick Henderson of Croft State Park Saturday Jan 8th performing work on Gecko. President Joe Monopoli went out the Wednesday prior to scout and plan trail work for the upcoming months. Building on the great meeting with the Park Rick Henderson brought out the State Park's skid steer. Utilizing Rick's skill operating the machine's in conjunction with volunteers hand finishing the team was able to add drainage along with 4 tons of red clay to the berms on Gecko.

Rick also continued his work prepping for replacement of the lower Stillhouse Branch bridge (pictured below) that will be constructed in the coming months. We cannot emphasize enough how much Henderson operating the machine is a game changer for trail work. If you see Rick out on the trails please give him a wave and a thank you.

Stillhouse Branch bridge

The team plans to be back out at Gecko for continued work the Jan 15th and 22nd from 10am-1pm. Please consider coming out as we continue building on what will be a great 2022 for SAMBA and Croft State Park trails.

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